Air Monitor
Air Monitor is a ESP32 micro-controller powered VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) and CO2 monitor.

It graphs the CO2 and VOC on an LCD over various intervals.

A custom app allows the data to be graphed on your Android device.

WiFi/LoRaWAN Weather Station
I built several weather stations using ESP8266 and ESP32 micro-controllers.


  • Temperature/Humidity/Pressures
  • Battery Voltage Monitoring
  • Rain Measurement
  • UVA, UVB and UV Index
IOT Clock
I built a simple Dot Matrix clock which uses NTP via UDP sockets to get the time.

Built using an ESP8266. I also designed and printed the case.

Air Monitor App
To compliment my micro-controller based Air Monitor I created an app which connects to the Bluetooth on the device and produces 24 hour graphs.

It runs on Android and uses React Native and Victory Graphs.

ThingSpeak Channel Grapher
I built this app to connect to the ThingSpeak API and graphs fields. It can graph any field from any channel over any time period.
  • Automatic field detection
  • Wide range of time periods
  • Mean Sea Level Pressure conversion
  • Customisable graphs
  • Preferences stored using cookies
  • Responsive design

It was built using ReactJS, ChartJS, Ktor and Bootstrap.

LoRaWAN Soil Moisture Sensor
Due to the high price of commercial soil moisture sensors I decided to build my own.
It utilizes a Atmega328p micro-controller and uses a capacitive soil moisture sensor.
Data is sent to ThingSpeak using the LoRaWAN network. Features:
  • Solar/Battery Powered
  • Battery optimisation by powering down sensors
  • Temperature/Pressure
  • Battery Monitoring
Built using Laravel, this web app can track bird/batch weights, egg production and feed consumption. It has user accounts, social media logins, an administration backend and allows for media upload. The dashboard has interactive graphs.
I recreated scenes from Riff Raffs video clip "DoubleCup" using HTML, CSS and SVG.

I rewrote a favorite game of mine and used some game assets to build a simple and fun game that teaches you hexadecimal. It uses plain JavaScript and CSS to do it’s magic.
Is a workout tracker that enables you to track your volume, strength and plan compliance.
It is under heavy development and will support custom plan creation as well as dynamic plans.

I have built many open source projects in my spare time. I try to focus on projects that have a real world impact by either improving or simplifying life.
PHP/Laravel Websites, web apps, Dingbat App, Various Projects
JavaScript Websites, single page web apps, native apps Channel Grapher, AirMonitor ReactNative App, Various Projects
C/C++ Embedded applications, microcontrollers Weather Station, LoRaWan Weather Station, LED Clock
HTML/CSS Web design Channel Grapher, Various Projects
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